is an online advanced marketing directory platform provided by Guardian Holdings HK Limited for all businesses globally, big or small, from all sectors to get discovered and known by more people in need and to provide a more affordable price.

Guardian Holdings HK Limited is owned and operated by Aaron Broderick and his wife Lilian Zhu who also design, develop and manufacture a number of products, brands and services globally.  It is for this reason Aaron and Lilian decided to create a more advanced and affordable directory marketing platform to help support current products and services.

Our other products and services include:
ECOtanka was one of the first to develop the stainless steel drink bottle market.  ECOtanka is now a strong global brand providing a range of bottles, cups and lunchBOX.

Asia2u was developed to help small companies get there product made in China to the highest quality possible, using our knowledge and systems.

Petbites which is our new up and coming product that helps pet owners manage their pets feeding times from an APP and can see their pet from a camera built into the petbites device.  UNDERCONSTRUCTION.

QRmarketing is another one of our newest services that is being developed to help our growing global enterprise with simple easy marketing systems that all work together with our current products and services.  UNDERCONSTRUCTION.

List your business and offer deals to new customers, inform customers of upcoming events or inform all of us with your articles from one place at a very reasonable price.  

We love to help you the best way we can! 
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